CIA deep state theories, eventually once staring at the evidence, one of two things will happen, either denial or acceptance.

Qanon Reddit sub-forum “thegreatawakening”, a forum dedicated to deep state theories, is banned from Reddit.

Alex Jones’ Infowars is banned from twitter, YouTube and other places. Infowars is, among other things, dedicated to providing information Regarding the deep state.

Why ban something that is silly nonsense, unless someone has told you to do it because it damages an agenda.

CIA project mkultra was a operation designed to research the effect of drug induced hypnosis/mind control. Mostly on U.S. citizens that had no idea it was going on. Supposedly stopped sometime ago.

Operation mockingbird, was an operation Designed to control the various media sources of America and other countries (fake news?) supposedly it was shut down and no longer in operation.

In the 60’s there were over 50 media companies in existence, today fewer than 7 companies provide our media.

CNN correspondent/anchor Anderson Cooper, before he was hired with CNN, did an internship with the CIA, afterwards he got at ABC without any formal journalism education o much journalism experience..

Next time, CIA drug sales, gun sales and cover-ups.

Another blog about Qanon, I have no affiliation with it.


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